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01 Dec, 2008

Posted by: Nick the Greek In: Social Network


MySpace is one of the two biggest social networking sites. In MySpace a user creates a profile in order to become part of the social network. Through that profile the user can add friends, customize the profile, and stay connected with friends through comments, status updates, bulletins, etc. Since its founding in 2003 by Tom Anderson, MySpace has become extremely popular with teenagers and adults from all over the world. It is currently available in 15 languages and attracts 230,000 new accounts per day.


One of the great features of MySpace is the ability of the user to connect with old friends, current friends, and even make new friends. In MySpace this process is made very easy. There are lots of criteria in which you can base your search for friends on. Also, apart from people, you can also search for bands, movies, etc. MySpace revolves about what’s new every day, not only does it let you socialize with your friends, but also lets you interact with new movies and bands.

Now, a reason why MySpace’s popularity grew quickly is because you are able to customize your profile however you like in order to fit your personality. Yup, you can change the background, upload pictures and videos, add your favorite song to your profile, etc. You can do all of that whenever you want, as many times as you like. Best of all, it is not hard. After you sign up for MySpace you will be able to edit your information, and it is all very clear and easy to do.

Most importantly though, in my opinion, is how MySpace keeps you connected with the rest of the world. With MySpace you post your status (what you are currently doing), you can subscribe to a friend and receive updates on his/her activities, send bulletins which all of your friends will be able to see, MySpace also recently enabled an instant messenger system to chat with your friends if they are online at the same time, too, you can get text alerts to your cell phone, use the blog, forums, messages, etc…etc…The reality is that MySpace is full of cool features and the administration of MySpace works each day to continue improving the site.

Tips and Tricks:

In MySpace, the only part in which you need to know some tricks is when you customize your profile. MySpace does have certain features to allow you to customize your profile; however, they do not have all the layouts that you see while searching through your friends’ profiles. What they do is they search the web for layouts and then put the code of the layout in their profile. Don’t worry; it is all very easy, just continue reading. A good way to finding a good layout is by going to Google, and, for example if you like Coldplay, type “MySpace Coldplay layouts.” Most likely you will get tons of results. Search through them and see which one you like. After you decide on a layout all you have to do is copy and paste. Each layout has its own HTML code, and in order to put the layout in your profile you need to copy the whole code, go to the edit section of your profile, go to the “about me” section, paste the code and click save. That’s all! It is as simple as that. Now you got yourself a nice looking MySpace profile.

Newbie Friendly Rating:

Given MySpace’s user friendly interface, it’s easiness to sign up, and great ability to continuously keep you connected with what’s going on around you, it earns a rating of 9 out of 10. MySpace is very popular, and even though its opponent Facebook has grown very popular, too, MySpace continues to grow even more each day by providing a free, high-quality social network to millions all over the world.

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