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05 Dec, 2008

Posted by: Nick the Greek In: Downloads


Headquartered in California, USA, McAfee, Inc. is a company dealing with everything related to computer security. Founded in the late 80s, the company gets its name from its founder, John McAfee. is the official website of the company. The website offers a neat interface for computer users. Irrespective of the number of computers or the size of the computer network you handle, you can buy the right kind of anti-virus or other security software through the McAfee website. The website categorizes its software based on the consumers’ needs. Thus, there are separate tabs for home and home office set-up, small business, medium business, and large enterprises, making it convenient for potential customers.



The website’s best features are the sections dedicated to support and information. Need help and Support offer customers answers to their queries about security software in general and McAfee in particular. Sections like Threat Center and Security Insights help to inform customers about computer security. The Security Insights section gives netizens an access to a repository of security-related articles as well as a blog. The blog features several posts containing expert opinions. You can subscribe to regular feeds to the blog. A Security Insights Newsletter is also an important feature of the blog. The website is all set to not only sell but also educate people on computer security methods and concerns.


Each category of products, based on the customer’s needs, when accessed leads to a new page with a slightly different interface. The products on offer are explained in detail in terms of its features, benefits and system requirements, thus making it easy for consumers to make a decision.


Tips and Tricks

Each category represented by image and text on the website opens up a new page. The Contact Us link on this page is customized for the category. Thus, if you have chosen the Home and Home Office category, clicking on the Contact Us link on the page of the category will fetch you more relevant information. However, the same categories when accessed through the tabs on the top of the website will lead to pages different from the ones accessed through the image and text sections.


The best way to view the website is to customize it by choosing the country of your residence. Not only will the contact information will be local but the products on offer will also be available in your current location. The default location of the website is United States.


The Threat Center section provides information on all the latest malware and virus doing the rounds of the computer and internet world. The section also provides tips to avoid spams. There is also information on categories of spam and the common subject lines indicating spam.


Newbie Friendly Rating

A newbie may initially be dazzled by the website’s interface. Images, marquees, and splash may be too much for a newbie to handle. A little time looking around the website will make the newbie comfortable. With clear categorization of customers and their needs, the website will prove friendlier than it initially appears to be. Given its sections and the information it provides, this website deserves a rating of 8 out of 10.

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