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17 Dec, 2008

Posted by: Nick the Greek In: Ecommerce

Introduction was the creator of community toolbar, a concept which allows web syndication solution to many publishers. It offers an on-demand, quick, easy to use solution to publishers through toolbars which are customized. The publishers gain in many ways in terms of increased traffic to their site, brand loyalty and most importantly, revenues. It’s available in twenty two languages. Founded in January 2005, conduit’s head quarters are in Silicon Valley, California. Some of the biggest names are associated with like Lufthansa, TechCrunch, Major League Baseball and Greenpeace.



For publishers, the custom made toolbar, or called the ‘building blocks’ by, displays their best content and feeds. Anything that the users do from their website, it is accessible from the toolbar also. Thus the users do not have to be logged on to the site always but still they will be updated even when they are on any other site. Conduit offers cool gadgets and tools like News tickers, Weather, Pop up blockers, Email notifier, Radio player and many more. Their search is powered by Google, the most popular search engine on the web. Conduit offers this service free of cost as they earn revenues from search box present on the toolbar. By doing search from the search box on the toolbar, the users click on the displayed results and the revenue generated thus, will be shared by Its success also lies in the fact that the service requires no maintenance and technical skill; no software is needed to be loaded.


Online publishers can use the conduit wizard and get a quick and customized toolbar, which allows real-time communication between the subscribers and publishers thus benefiting both. It caters to all kinds of publishers from bloggers to big corporations covering sites like social networking, dating, gaming, travel, media sharing, fan sites and online shopping sites. Their site’s community toolbar gallery displays their major publisher clients. Publishers using conduit’s API can incorporate contents like web application, software, games and multi media to their community toolbar.


By gadgetizing each and every aspect of their application, via a toolbar, a publisher can make new users by giving them an option of adding the particular gadget to their toolbar. You can visit the site’s case study link under Publisher’s tab to read about the growth story of their clients.


Custom made tool bar is a brilliant method of promoting a blog or website as it gives a good exposure on the user’s computer. For the users, it offers toolbars where they can search for hottest communities. The toolbar works on latest internet explorer and firefox version. Conduit offers 24×7 support via emails to the publishers and users.


Tips and tricks

Conduit is a very safe and secure solution vis-à-vis the traditional toolbars which were associated with search engines where users faced spyware and malware threats. The toolbar is completely unobtrusive and free of any advertisements.


Newbie friendly rating

Their website is very informative and exhaustive. A new user can get a lot of information from the website. It gets a ranking of 9 out of 10.

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